Why is it a “proposed” settlement?

When parties in class action lawsuits reach a settlement, the judge overseeing the case must review and approve the settlement before it becomes final.  Here, the parties proposed the settlement to the judge overseeing the case, the Honorable Lucy H. Koh, and she must grant approval before it can take effect.

Step one is for Judge Koh to decide whether to grant preliminary approval of the proposed settlement. Judge Koh granted preliminary approval on August 25, 2017.   Notices will now be sent to settlement class members that explain their options in connection with the settlement, including sharing their views about the settlement, and filing claims to obtain credit monitoring services and/or cash.

Step two comes after Judge Koh reviews all the settlement class members’ positive comments or objections. Taking settlement class members’ views into account, along with other information, Judge Koh will decide whether to make the settlement final, which is called final approval.